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First Days of Library Classes – Let the Madness Begin

For me I always pick one book to start the year off.  I read the same book first day of library classes every year for grades K – 4 (and sometimes 5 and 6).  My favorite is Library Lil by Suzanne Williams.   The kids get the biggest kick out of the story – and the more you read a story the better you get.  I always told them I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.  They think it is hysterical and have to remind me I am grown up.

For the upper grades I usually go over the library rules.  I have 2 – Respect and Responsibity.  They usually cover everything.  Most of the time I play Library Rules Bingo – I come up with silly pictures depicting all these rules that libraries could have (they all in some way fall into the respect and responsibilty catagories).  Like I will use the a person with a ‘thought bubble’ to represent thinking for yourself.  It keeps them engaged, helps them to think and lets them have some fun.  And best of all its not what they expect.  And you can reuse it every year!  The kids look forward to it year after year.

You need to keep everything upbeat and moving – if there is a lot of downtime they kids will take advantage of it.  I always think of teaching as acting a part.  You are in effect putting on a show for the kids.  And I don’t worry about being quiet, that quiet sedate library is a thing of the past.  Read with passion and voice and teach the same way!

Author: SL

SL has been a elementary/middle school librarian for over 13 year having received my MLS from SUNY Albany, in Albany, New York. SL has worked in a variety of settings from rural to urban, with different populations. She is currently the librarian at RCS Middle School. She lives near Albany, New York with her husband and three children.

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