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Set Your Priorities

It’s hard to do 20 things at once – impossible really, yet that is what we are expected to do, plan engaging, differentiated lessons; teach aforementioned lessons; help kids find a “just right” book for them; check out said books; check in books; shelve; order materials; assist teachers in planning research projects, finding books and answering questions.  Let’s not forget about the library adminstration part of the job.  It’s exhausting just looking at that list and a wonder we can get anything done at all!

This is why priorities are so important.  You have to decide what is most important to you and your administration.  And be careful what you find is important may not be what your administration finds important.   It is imperative that you find a happy medium between the 2, otherwise you might not have a job to come to every day.  I would love to say that all administrators understand what we do in the library; how important it is to the students and staff; and how we are a knowledgable resource they can rely on – unfortunately not so much.   Quite a few think they know everything; try to pidgeon-hole you into a set role (usually that of classroom teacher) and expect you to do what they say blindly.  Not a great place to be in, but a reality of the profession.

Try your best do do what is most important to you to do your job well, but also do what your adminstrators find important, even if it rankles your spine and seems pointless.  This way as time goes on maybe you can change things little by little.

Author: SL

SL has been a elementary/middle school librarian for over 13 year having received my MLS from SUNY Albany, in Albany, New York. SL has worked in a variety of settings from rural to urban, with different populations. She is currently the librarian at RCS Middle School. She lives near Albany, New York with her husband and three children.

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