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Read Like Your Life Depends in It

Ahhh, I think one of the best perks of my job.  I can spend the day reading and get to say its for work, or I have work to do today.  Lots of people will say to me “You really have to love to read to be a school librarian.”  I think that is one of the most true statements out there.  And that is one of the reasons I love my job!

Some people don’t find it difficult to recommend books to students without having read them.  That is probably one of the worst things you can do.  It really hurts your credibility with the students.  Don’t get me wrong – you can’t possibly read every book that is out there, but when a kid asks about a particular book that I haven’t read, the only thing I will tell them is – I’ve heard it’s kind of like xyz, but I haven’t read it, so I can’t tell you if it’s good or not.  Give it a shot – what’s the worse that happens you don’t like it?  Oh well then come and get another one.

I find that the kids are really worried about hurting your feelings if they don’t like a book you recommend.  You need to reassure them that it won’t phase you in any way if they come back and say they hated a book you recommened.  That ususally surprises them.  I usually tell them to think about it, do we have the same taste in other things, so why would we in books.  Then I tell them they are doing me a favor by reading the book for me, and telling me if they like it, it will help me if others ask about it.  Remember that our focus is the kids and getting them what they want.

Author: SL

SL has been a elementary/middle school librarian for over 13 year having received my MLS from SUNY Albany, in Albany, New York. SL has worked in a variety of settings from rural to urban, with different populations. She is currently the librarian at RCS Middle School. She lives near Albany, New York with her husband and three children.

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