Be The Driving Technology Force in Your District

It’s not like you really have a choice.  By virtue of your title Library Media Specialist – everyone will assume you are one with technology, and quite frankly you should be.  You should be the one they come to with questions, and concerns.  Not only are you responsible for training students in the ways of technology, you should also be responsible for the professional development of teachers in that direction.  If you’re not, you better get on that.  Get involved with what is being taught to your teachers.  Know technology, what is the “New” stuff out there.  Find the teachers willing to experiment and work with them – a lot!  Create projects to show off and soon many will be knocking down your door.  You may even get to present at your school board meeting to show off what you’ve been doing in the classroom.  Because here’s the thing – if you don’t someone else will.  And they will get to have input as to what direction the district is moving toward with respect to technology.

Technology goes hand in hand with research skills these days.  Gone are the days where students could do research by print alone.  Now they would be missing to much.  The library has grown far beyond its four walls to include virtual spaces.  You are also the caretaker of those virtual spaces.  You can direct the students to safely find resources and how to use them both in the library and outside its four walls.  But if you avoid technology that’s not going to happen and you are going to be left behind.

Author: SL

SL has been a elementary/middle school librarian for over 13 year having received my MLS from SUNY Albany, in Albany, New York. SL has worked in a variety of settings from rural to urban, with different populations. She is currently the librarian at RCS Middle School. She lives near Albany, New York with her husband and three children.

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