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Set Your Priorities

It’s hard to do 20 things at once – impossible really, yet that is what we are expected to do, plan engaging, differentiated lessons; teach aforementioned lessons; help kids find a “just right” book for them; check out said books; check in books; shelve; order materials; assist teachers in planning research projects, finding books and answering …

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New Librarians/New Library – Welcome to the Asylum

Here you are a brand new librarian either first job or first day in a new job – you still need to get the lay of the land.  It’s almost like being lost without a road map.  Where in the world am I?  Where is everything; where am I going; and how am I going to get there.  It’s probably …

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Heart … That’s What You Are and That’s What You Give

No one likes to say it out loud, but the library needs to be the heart of the school.  Not the center  mind you – and there is a difference.  The center can be an I’m in your face, more important then you, look at me… the heart gives out life blood to the body or whole.  And …