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Have a Plan – and Don’t Be Afraid to Throw it in the Garbage!

Ahh the best way to stay alive in the classroom.  Have a plan.  Teaching is kind of like any other journey, and how can you get where you’re going if you don’t know where you are going to end up or how you are going to get there!  So when you decide to go on a …

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Set Your Priorities

It’s hard to do 20 things at once – impossible really, yet that is what we are expected to do, plan engaging, differentiated lessons; teach aforementioned lessons; help kids find a “just right” book for them; check out said books; check in books; shelve; order materials; assist teachers in planning research projects, finding books and answering …

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Bring Your Life With You to Work

I have found to really connect with the students they need to see you as human.  So many times students see teachers as this adult who has no connection to them as a person.  The teacher is this grown-up who stands in front of the room and has forgotten how to be a kid.  She is adult …